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About Us

TECHNO BIO IMPORT Ltd. is the official representative of the Italian company La NORDICA-EXTRAFLAME for Bulgaria offering a wide range of heaters, wood stoves and pellet fireplaces and pellet boilers and wood pellets, and also combined stoves and boilers firewood and pellets.

Company TECHNO IMPORT BIO Ltd. began operations in 1977 gv construction field with consulting, design, construction of residential buildings, apartment blocks, warehouses, hotels and other facilities.

Construction of factories

BIO TECHNO IMPORT develop and expand its activities in consulting, design, production, delivery and installation of complete equipment for the construction of factories for wood pellets and feed.

Manufacturer of seedlings

BIO TECHNO IMPORT is a manufacturer and supplier of planting material (saplings and seedlings) of paulownia, we produce and sell seedlings of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) and other essential - olive crops. 
In addition, we perform comprehensive services such as consulting, research on fields, planting, complete construction of plantations of paulownia, lemon balm and their care. To close the cycle in the production and marketing of wood from paulownia and balm, we have a laboratory to manufacture the tissue cultures.

Our main goal

To provide the highest quality, security and high return on our clients and partners!

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